Why there aren't 2 similar brands

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Creating a brand is a personal process that should reflect the authenticity of the product/service.

Therefore, any brand that shares obvious and blatant similarities with other brands, especially competitors, are subject to scrutiny on a subconscious level from their audience.

Communicate | Community

Your brand must communicate the value that you bring to a working relationship.― idowu koyenikan

Your most crucial message is your value and how you communicate that to your community. Dig deep within and realize what is your true purpose for your audience, sleep on it, and integrate it into all of your messaging.

Monkey See Monkey Do

As children, our most important environment is our home, we pick up a great deal of our habits and behaviors from our direct family. As we grow up, we absorb more of the external environment and our taste and behavior grows in sophistication to match our peers and culture. Therefore, the sign of a mature person is their ability to integrate and establish themselves in any environment. You should think of your brand in a similar way, a mature brand knows its purpose and isn't trying to be someone it's not #brandidentity #branding #brandstrategy #brandpurpose #brandingcommunication

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