Working with these brands has been the highlight of my branding career

Strandberg Guitars 2020

Being a brand ambassador for the coolest music brand out there is definitely a dream come true. I'm so grateful that I get to utilize my art to grow my favorite guitar brand.


Joroots 2020

This brand is the culmination of countless hours of lockdown and free creative time. Joroots is a fresh take on marketing agencies and I'm glad fate connected me with its founder. I've developed the brand strategy, messaging, UX, and social media strategy.

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Immersyv 2021

Immersyv is virtual production studio that specializes in creating films, trailers, and cinematics using cutting-edge virtual production tech utilizing Unreal Engine. I've worked from day 0 on the brand name, brand strategy, website copy and UX, social media marketing, and sound deisgn.

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The Neuron 2019

The Neuron is a daring take on out-of-home advertisement. AI-powered cloud driven solution to publish your campaign using a web browser. I've consulted on the user experience and design of this platform

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