Inter-dimensional Services

How I Can Help You


I will dive deep into your world and audience to gather all the essential data


I will develop a tailored brand strategy for you, one of a kind, killer, and creative


I will demonstrate how to use this strategy and train your team on utilizing it


I will implement the strategy into your identity (website, socials, design)

Branding Strategy

I will develop a state-of-the-art strategy for your brand. An up to date, market leading, and trail blazing brand needs a strategy to match its pace and ambition, and I've got your back! 


I will dig deep into your market and unearth valuable insights


I will use our new insights to develop a new marketing strategy


I will derive effective marketing campaigns and plans for your brand


I will assist you in rolling out your campaign and monitoring its results

Growth & Marketing Strategy

I will develop a meticulously engineered strategy to market and grow your business both online and offline. Highly optimized and extremely versatile planning to dominate your market.


I will learn your music and perform it live for you


I will compose engaging music and sountracks

Sound Design

I will design the sonic- scapes of your film or song

Sonic Brand

I will create one of a kind sonic brand for your visual identity

Music & Sound Design

I will create a sonic world that immerses your audience in your brand and make them wanna stay here forever. Cultural arts in marketing and music is my hobby-turned-profession since the age of 13.


I will consult and advice you on your website or platform


I will help you structure and design your user experience


I will audit your platform or website and evaluate its effectivity

Experience Design

I will optimize your user experience in all the layers of interaction and design. From landing pages to highly bespoke platforms, I'm your man.

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