Who's Darem?

I'm a video game anti-hero stranded in surreality. 

I grew up locking myself in my room playing 

video games. I learned English, Music, Branding, Marketing, Game Design, and Programming from escaping my uninviting childhood.

Why the Darem?

It's my name, and I'm a 1 of 1 human sample. What you get here is unique to my world and abilities.

I'm obsessed with nerdy details about any concept that interests me, jack of all trades and master of a few.

If time and money were no issue, I'd be designing vehicles, painting them, driving them, and marketing them. In addition to my unhealthy fascination with music and sonic experiences.

Deciphering and reconstructing human experiences is my biggest love, and I would naturally love to work on your brand or art as it reminds me why I work so hard.

I also see my life as an Role-Playing-Game and I'm one proactive character that's hell bent on helping all the players that want to achieve end-game status.

Why I Love To Help