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"working with you is my best decision"

Hey Darem, it's been a pleasure working on my branding and marketing agency. You are my best decision to start working with you during the pandemic. 

Atalla Abu Taha | Entrepreneur

"you were the only one to understand my needs"

Hi Darem, I've been lost about my branding approach. I've consulted others about this and you were the only one to understand my needs and exceed my expectations. Thank you.

Sameer Abu Rezeq | Art Director

"I’m very grateful I had the chance to work with you"

Hey Darem, I’m very grateful I had the chance to work with you on Echolibrium. You were the perfect guy for the job. I knew what I wanted my brand to feel like, but I had no idea where to start. From day one, you took my idea and rolled it out exactly as I had imagined it. To cap it off, you made it easy, and stayed professional the whole way. I would highly recommend your expertise to anyone looking for creative brand strategies and copywriting.

Nasir Al Bashir | Entrepreneur  & Artist


Hey Darem, thank you for taking me from a place of many thoughts and an overwhelming task to make it simple, clear, and easy. Most importantly, thank you for the encouragement and your well placed opinions to create a business model that reflects the true me. Priceless.

Ashraf Haddad | Sr. People Developer

I'm an artist, and I create
impeccably creative experiences

My methods for creating captivating stories, brands, and music are 4 simple pillars.


Keeping Track


Human Years of Experience


Brands Helped


Industries Infiltrated


Hours Rested


"Wrong" Notes Played

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